Easy to Use & Value For Money

OrderPal has been designed so that it’s to easy use and really importantly, works the way you do. This is because it’s been designed and built by people with real day to day experience of working in the sector.

Critically, we allow you to avoid paying the “big” providers’ their heavy commissions and add 15% – 35% profit straight back to your own bottom line.

A Rapid Return On Your Investment

If you run a business that has “on demand” ordering, takes payment by cash or by card and delivers or provides an at seat service, OrderPal allows your customers to order quickly and easily from you and at the same time helps you to increase your profits.

We now have customers across the UK’s hospitality and retail sectors – including restaurants, cafes and hairdressers.

Our customers are delighted and are typically adding back hundreds of pounds each week to their turnover which means the system easily pays for itself.

Increases Your Profits.

Saves Time.

Improves Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty.

Easy Ordering

Take orders & payment from your own branded mobile App and website

Low Fees

With low commission payable, OrderPal reduces your costs and improves your profits

Expandable Solution

Looking to grow? OrderPal allows you to add POS in the future

Take your business on-line the easy way with OrderPal